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1.) Basic Kit (Click Box to Add to Cart)
2'x4' CNC Machine Kit (blackToe v4.1) w/ 2.2kW Spindle
This comes with everything included in the basic package and a 2.2kW Spindle.
2.) Add Table for blackToe
Table for 2'x4' CNC machine kit (blackToe v4.1)
Select this option if you would like to include a table for the blackToe CNC kit.
3.) Assembled Machine
2'x4' CNC Machine Kit (blackToe v4.1) - Assembled Machine w/ Table and Spindle.
This is the basic kit w/ 2.2kW Spindle and table included. We assemble the machine for you, and crate it and ship it to you by freight.

A new toy for The Next Industrial Revolution!. Everyone with a garage (or a spare bedroom) can get serious with their creations on the cheap. Version 4.1, a solid, fast, attractive chain driven CNC machine. Table available for additional purchase.


This CNC machine offers 3 axis functionality driven by roller chain and sprocket for the x and y axes and lead screw for the z-axis. The overall structure is solid with respect to stresses in all directions. Chain drive for this CNC machine will allow velocities into the 800 to 1000 IPM (inches per minute) range. A table is offered as an optional add-on.

All of the parts that make up this CNC machine design was formed with a keen eye on aesthetics.

The Z-Axis can reach 5-7/8 inches (149.225 mm) of travel.

Roller chain is kept as the main drive mechanism and transmission of linear motion due to its great characteristic of low maintenance and low to no backlash.

For the first time, the table is an option that can be included. The table has four main parts that is assembled with ribs below similar to a torsion box, but will still need to be placed on a flat surface. For best results, the table assembly should be glued together and another full piece be glued to the bottom to create a full torsion box. To really take advantage of space, cabinets and/or drawers can be placed under the machine. Casters below that would allow for the machine to be somewhat mobile.

Purchasing Guide

Basic Kit – For Router Includes structure, hardware, mechanical components, aluminum rail, electronics, limit switches, parallel interface board. You assemble the machine yourself following the instructions located on the bottom of this page. Does not include: Table (Can be added separately), Router or Spindle, Computer, Software, Bits (end mills)

Basic Kit – with Spindle Includes everything in the basic kit and a 2.2kW Spindle with 220V Inverter. Does not include: Table, Computer, Software, Bits (end mills) Spindle is water-cooled and requires some additional wires and plumbing equipment. We recommend you seek a licensed electrician for installation. Note: If you don’t have access to 220V power, we can provide you with a 110V inverter. Contact us for a custom quote.

Assembled Version – with Spindle Includes everything in the basic kit – with 2.2kW Spindle and table. We assemble the gantry and table for you and ship it to you in a crate via freight carrier (you choose during checkout).

Computer and Control Box Options

Basic Assembled Control Box redFly – with this option we install and wire the electronics in a custom-made control box. This is a great option if you want to save the time of wiring and mounting the electronics yourself.

Assembled Control Box with Deluxe Computer – Includes the control box option plus an integrated computer built into the control box. The computer features an Intel Pentium 3.0 GHz processor with 2GB of RAM and a Seagate 1TB Internal Hard Drive. This package includes Mach3 CNC software and a Windows 7 Professional license, which we will register in your name and pre-install on the computer for you.

How Long Does it Take to Ship the Kit?

The entire machine kit will take about 10-14 business days to produce and send out under normal circumstances. During busy periods this could increase to 15-21 business days. You can always contact us for an accurate estimate before purchasing. Assembled Machines will take longer as they have to be produced to order. Expect a lead time of 3-4 weeks for assembled machines.

For International Buyers: Please do not use our shipping calculator if you are attempting to purchase a product that needs to be freighted and is outside of the United States. Please contact us and we will arrange a freight quote for you. Any products bought requiring freight will be subject to additional shipping charges if purchased without receiving a freight quote.

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Wiring Diagrams and Tutorials:

Parallel Breakout Board: Diagram | Video Tutorial

USB Breakout Board: Diagram | Video Tutorial

2.2KW Spindle: Wiring Instructions (Scroll down to Instructions)


blackToe Assembly Instruction Videos:

With these videos, we made a great effort to reduce the amount of assembly per video. This means there will be more videos, but less information per video. This will allow a more efficient process of assembly. If there was a particular part of an assembly that was missed, or need to return to at a later date, it will be much easier to find the steps to accomplish the desired task.

Updated instructions for the new Z-Axis assemblies.

To see the wiring videos for the electronics, go here.

blackToe version 4 2x4 step 1: The first of a series of assembly instructions for the blackToe CNC Machine at www.buildyourcnc.com. This video focuses on the assembly of the two gantry sides and the y-axis support piece.


blackToe version 4 2x4 step 2: Assembling the blackToe Version 4.0 2x4 CNC machine. Assembling the y-axis support box and top rail.


blackToe version 4 2x4 step 3: This video will explain fastening the bottom y-axis rail and support to the gantry box.


blackToe version 4 2x4 step 4: In this video, I show how to assembly the rail and router mount section of the z-axis assembly.


blackToe version 4 2x4 step 5: In this video, you will see the assembly of the vacuum transfer assembly and the top z-axis bearing mount assembly.


blackfoot-blacktoe version 4.0 to 4.1 change notes: This video is to inform of the changes from version 4.0 to 4.1 for the blackToe CNC Machine.


blackToe version 4 2x4 step 6


blackToe version 4 2x4 step 7: This video shows the installation of the roller chain ends and the y-axis motor mount.


blackToe version 4 2x4 step 8: In this video, I show the process of installing the table rails and the v-groove bearings and idler sprockets to the gantry side.


blackToe version 4 2x4 step 9: In this video, I show the connection of the x-motor and the x-axis chain.


blackToe version 4 2x4 step 10: In this video, the y-axis motor and mechanics are installed


blackToe version 4 2x4 step 11: In this video, the z-axis motor will be installed.


blackToe and blackFoot chain mount: Installation of the chain mount assembly for the blackToe and blackFoot cnc machines.

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