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Wiring Instruction for the Electronics Combo
Check out my new wiring videos here. They are full of great information on wiring the motors and drivers in a much easier way, and with troubleshooting and testing throughout.

I finally got around to creating step by step instructions on how to connect the stepping motors, drivers, power supplies, fan and computer. These videos detail the procedure for wiring the electronics combo for sale here. This may also show similar wiring schemes for other systems.

Remember that when working with electronics and providing power to the electronics, electrocution is possible. Electrocution can be fatal, so if you have any reservation, please consult a professional electrician to connect the electronics. By using this website, or viewing any videos here, you agree to waive all liability of BuildyourCNC, or any personnel associated with the making of this website.


On the breakout board, the 5v terminal should be also connected to the EN terminal. In the motor output screens for Mach3, the step pins should be configured as active low.