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1/2 Hour Technical Support Token

If you need technical support with your CNC machine or other fabrication device, purchase a tech support token and we can provide technical support for you.


Technical support tokens are purchased in 30 minute chunks (one token). Tokens are consumed as guidance is given. Please make sure to purchase enough tokens to resolve the issue you are having.

Technical issues that relate to warranty, and are covered under our warranty do not need a token to attempt to resolve the issue.

Tools that we may use to resolve issues are remote log-in applications so we can guide you through the process on fixing a software issue, or software configuration. We can also use email and text message or Skype. Skype is generally recommended for situations that require hands on guidance where we would need to see the environment and context of the subject being manipulated.

If you would like free technical support, please head on over to the CSL (Customer Service Live) page, log in or register, state a simple question and we will provide an answer in a reasonable amount of time.

Use the Technical Support Token for subjects relating to:- wiring electronics- configuring software- diagnosing a problem (if the problem results from defective or non working parts under warranty, the token will not be used)

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  • [Tech Support Token] Can you solve the steps per inch for my machine?

    Yes, I can help you with the steps per inch with your machine.

    Additional Information:
    I am a first time CNC builder and I need with mach3 and wiring also
    What do I need or how Do I get help?

    Additional Information:
    I am a first time CNC builder and I need help with mach3 and wiring also
    What do I need or how Do I get help?

    Click the link to add information to this solution:
    [789] Can you solve the steps per inch for my machine?

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