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Enter your technical or sales related question here. Here is a video demonstrating its use. Your question will be shown publicly on the website. Inappropriate content will not be tolerated. Make your question brief and focused and in question form (i.e. What are the motor cable lengths for the blueChick?). Please only enter one question at a time. To contact our customer service through email: Send Mail

Unanswered Questions

Question Dated: 5/13/2020 11:04:00 PMI am interested in using the Mach3 USB interface board. I was wondering if there was a way to run a torch height controller with this board for use with a plasma cutter, and if so do you know of any THCs that will work. Thank you.
Question Dated: 5/14/2020 11:53:42 AMIs this a problem with the tube or the power supply? The tube is illuminated but I don't get clear firing to the piece. This is a rastering work and I get faint results and then it will be fine, then nothing. Tube changes from pink to solid line purple even when vectoring or manually holding the fire button. https://youtu.be/rX5xZoM6_bk
Question Dated: 6/1/2020 2:16:08 AMi placed an order with you on 5.27.20 and didnt recieve a confirming email and i cant seem to access it through your site. i did chose to not create an account and checked out as a customer only. how do i see that info such as tracking number ect....thanks for your help

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