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CNC Kits and Components

Purchase products you need to build your CNC Machine, CNC Router, or Laser Machine. With our affordable machines if you can think it, you can make it .

  • CNC Routers, Laser Cutters and Engravers and Custom Machines:
    Kits and Assembled Machines for Woodworking, Furniture Making, Signmaking, Architectural, Mehanical Parts, etc.
  • CNC Stepper Motors:
    Stepper Motors - Motors that have digital steps for precision. Each stepper motor requires a stepper motor driver.
  • Stepper Motor Drivers:
    Stepper Motor Drivers - These drive stepper motors, so you will need one of these for each stepper motor.
  • CNC Motion Electronics:
    CNC Interfaces, Breakout Boards, Limit Switches, CNC Motion Kits, Emergency Stop (E-Stop)
  • CNC Motion and Computer System:
    All-In-One Assembled and Tested Full CNC Stepper Motors, Stepper Drivers, CNC Power and Computer System
  • Spindles and Accessories:
    Spindles, Inverters, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Collets, and Spindle Mounts
  • Couplings:
    Connect Shafts, Lead Screws and Motor Shafts
  • CNC Software:
    CNC Machine Control Software and CAM Software (Computer Aided Manufacturing)
  • Cable Carriers (also called Cable Chain):
    Wire and Cable Management for Motion System and CNC Machines
  • Router Collets and Collet Sets:
    Precision Collets that Hold End Mills and Router Bits. These Router collets are superior to the existing collets on routers.
  • Strip Brushes for Dust Shoes:
    Strip brushes around dust shoes are the preferred method to keep dust away and into the dust collector or vacuum.
  • Laser Components:
    CO2 Laser Tubes, Laser Mirrors and Lenses, Laser Tube Power Supplies, Chillers, Laser Nozzles and Laser Mirror Mounts
  • Mechanical Parts:
    Precision Rail, Lead Screws, Anti-Backlash Nuts, Idler Sprockets, Drive Sprockets, Roller Chain, Collars, Drive Pulleys, Timing Belts
  • End Mills:
    End Mills, Router Bits and Cutting Tools for Cutting and Milling Wood, Plastic, Aluminum, Solid Surface, and many other materials.
  • Bearings:
    V-Groove Bearings, Standard Ball Bearings for shaft alignment and moving along rails..
Machine Assemblies Quick Links and How to Purchase:

It's easy to get overwhelmed with what to purchase to create you very own CNC Machine or CNC Router. The following list wil provide you with generally what you will need for certain condition:


All Machines will need power to move each axis. This is done with Motors, Drivers, Breakout board and Power Supply. You will generally need 3 motors and drivers in all. Other components that accompany the motors and drivers are a power supply to provide power to the motors, and a breakout board which conveniently interfaces the computer to the motor drivers.

Machines with Roller Chain Based Drives:

Roller chain drives will move the machine's axes using sprockets that ride along a roller chain . Generally, you will need 4 main components per motor. These components consists of one drive sprocket, one collar to allow the drive sprocket's bore to securely fasten to the motor shaft, one idler sprocket, and a specific length of chain. The chain will be the length of the axis to which it will be applied with additional length to account for structure.

Machines with Lead Screw drives:

If you are interested in creating motion with lead screws and nut, you will first need a lead screw. The lead screw will need to be stabilized and be able to turn freely. This is done with bearings and collars. For each lead screw, you will need two bearings with the inside diameter that matches the diameter of the lead screw, and you will need two collars with inside diameters that match the diameter of the lead screw. To couple (attach) the motor's shaft to the lead screw, you will need a coupling. Couplings offered here come in three parts, one hub (end) that matches the motor shaft diameter, another hub that matches the diameter of the lead screw, and an insert (rubber spider) that fits between the two hubs to permit a flexible connection.

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