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Notable Links

These links I would recommend to anyone investigating the CNC world and are ready to jump in. Please give me some feedback and maybe I can add some more.

CNC Related

Join the UK’s machinists community, home to all things related to cnc in the uk. For both the diy cnc machinist to the professional.

Description: The latest in tool news, information, and reviews. Featuring editor and consumer tool reviews, tool blogs, forums, giveaways, and more. I highly recommend this beautifully designed site!

CNC at ThomasNet
If you google technical stuff, you have probably come across a great resource called ThomasNet.com. It's a directory! But not just any directory... With this link, you will find direct resources for CNC fabrication services as well as CNC machines and other prototyping services and equipment. Take a look-see.

Here is an interesting blog that offers a dxf files for use in 2D profiling. There is a large library of files with images to show the output.

Home Brewed Tech Junkie (formerly Cutfiles.com)
Here is a site from which folks here will definite benefit! It is a library for files for use with CNC machines that is user driven. Take a search through the library and you may find some cuts that you may find useful.

These guys have a very large motor selection. You can select from stepper motors to servos and at pretty good prices. Now there's no stopping you!

This site is filled with a great variety of motor and CNC electronics. They stock charge pumps, switches, breakout boards, power supplies, whatever... and yes, the stuff will work on this CNC Router build. You can also see that the folks there have ambition by the level of graphic design quality of the site.

This is the place where you can download an evaluation copy of Mach3. It's a great CNC application and they also include many tools for getting your art, or dxf files converted to g-code (the code that is interpreted into step signals and direction signals). They also have a great set of tutorials and I highly recommend watching them. CNC functionality comes with a great learning curve and Mach3 can help you get through it.

Here is a website that offers a comprehensive DXF to G-Code converter. The program is taylored for various types of machines and includes the ability to add bit and cutting specifications.

Woodworking and Project Related

Homebrew Science
Not exactly CNC related, but this site seems to have a great concept. Called homebrewscience.com, the name says it all, and it's about homebrewed stuff. You can't go wrong with that. It seems to be a fledgeling site with only a few posts, so go on over, sit and chat a bit.

Cerebral Meltdown
Great website when it comes to just getting your hands dirty with all kinds of interesting projects.

The Wood Tinkerer
A collection of very different wood projects by a highly motivated hobbyist. The author has a software engineer background and prepares now for filling his growing free time with woodwoking projects of all kind including a slowly maturing CNC router table.