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Question #: 15428

Question: On the pokeys57 board should I use the limit/home plug or just the block next to that plug form setting up home proximity sensors? I have them on the plug now and can not get them to work.

Current Solution

For setting up home proximity sensors on the PoKeys57 board, it's typically recommended to use the designated limit/home terminal or pin. This is because these ports are specifically designed for connecting limit switches or proximity sensors used for homing.

If you've already connected your sensors to the limit/home terminal and they're not functioning properly, here are a few troubleshooting steps you might want to consider:

Check Wiring and Connections: Ensure that the wiring to the sensors is correct and secure. Sometimes a loose connection can cause issues.

Sensor Configuration: Verify that the sensors are properly configured in the software you're using to interface with the PoKeys57 board. This could involve setting the correct sensor type (NPN or PNP), and ensuring the software is looking for the homing signal on the correct pins.

Test Sensors Individually: Disconnect other inputs and test each sensor individually to isolate the issue. This can help determine if the problem is with a specific sensor or the board itself.

Firmware and Software Updates: Ensure that your PoKeys57 board firmware is up to date, and that you're using the latest version of the control software.


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