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Question #: 15412

Question: Hi I have just set up my machine using a mach 3 USB board I can only get the Z to go in one direction Y and X are Ok I have check wiring and looked at video over and over what have I missed??

Current Solution

Most likely, the driver is not receiving the high or low signal for the direction terminals. The way direction works for an axis is the controller will output a high signal (5V) for one direction and low signal (0V) for the opposite direction. If the signal is always at one signal, say 5V, whether it is commanded in one direction or the other, then the axis will only move in that direction.

To solve this problem, make sure that the wiring is secure at both ends (from the controller to the driver). Also, make sure the Dir+ and DIR- are both wired correctly (i.e. the Dir- is connected to the signal gnd on the controller and the ZD is connected to Dir+ on the driver.

You can use a multimeter to determine the voltage at the ZD terminal by:
- setting the multimeter to DC voltage (the V with a straight line, or dashed line above the V)
- place the black lead on the gnd terminal
- place the red lead on the ZD terminal
- press the page up button and check the voltage
- press the page down button and check the voltage.

You should see the voltage change from 0V to 5V or vice versa.


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