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Question #: 14038

Question: Hi I built a 2x4 cnc machine in 2013 using you Hardware kit and plans. I want to speed up my cnc machine by purchasing your acme leadscrew 1/2"-10 5 starts. I have an X axis at 52", a Y axis at 32" and a Z axis at 14". How do I order all 3 length pre cut to size on your website? Also can you give me a rough estimate on the shipping to Ottawa, Ontario Canada please.

Current Solution

You can purchase the entire length and select local pickup. Then you can email us the cut lengths for the order and let us know that you need to be invoiced for shipping. We will provide shipping estimates according to the real lengths and dimensions of the package. You can select the estimate that meets your shipping budget and we will invoice you the shipping amount and send the order.


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