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Question #: 3637

Question: I am looking at purchasing the greenbull 5X system with the laser/spindle combination. Can the laser do both rastered engraving as well as vectored cutting with the same breakout board and software? If I have this wrong please let me know what would be needed to accompish this.

Current Solution

You can do raster and vector engraving on the greenBull laser/spindle combination. The methods of this process is not accomplished in the same way as the typical laser machines where CorelDRAW is used. The Mach3 laser plug-in can be used for the raster engraving and standard CNC g-code can be used for vector cutting and engraving.

The raster method will not be fast on the greenBull since the z-axis is heavy and there are inertial limitation on doing fast raster back and forth movement. Vector is the best use of this machine.


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