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Make 18: Remake America
Make 18: Remake America cover
An article focusing on our blackToe v1.2 CNC router and the ability for it to self replicate, the future of fabrication technology.

RepRap is grounded in the understanding that it is partially able to create it's own parts and the focus is to have these 3D printer replicate all of it's ow structural components. The blackToe was selected for this article, written by Tom Owad, because it can and did create all of it's own structural parts. The only parts that it cannot reproduce are the hardware (nuts and bolts) and the mechanical parts to move the gantry and the z-axis that holds the router.

Tom and I met at the Austin Maker Faire in 2008 and shared quite a bit of information on these designs. He purchased one of the machines and this machine can be seen in the article.

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