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Bay Area Maker Faire 2011
Maker Faire Bay Area 2011 Badge
You know I love the Maker Faire, and this year, buildyourcnc.com will be there, along with James Kelly (Co-Author of Printing in Plastic: Build Your Own 3D Printer). I am so excited to go this year, especially because we will be in the "shed". We will be demonstrating the new whiteAnt 3D Printer/CNC Machine. We will also be introducing the book, and hopefully have some copies in the booth for folks to peruse and purchase. Here is a link to the Featured Maker page .

Outcome: My experience at the Bay Area Maker Faire 2011 was very educational. the conversations that I had with attendees was thought provoking and led me to think of many other developments.

We had the whiteAnt 3d printer set up and the action of the printer was shown on the screen of my laptop. We had tons of folks see the printer and the books that showed how to build one for your self.