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Wired Article: DIY Laser Cutter Raises Capital, Concerns
blackTooth laser cutter
This article was less flattering, but brings up serious concern, laser cutters and fire. The plexiglas or acrylic that is used on laser cutters can ignite and fire can spread quickly.

Even though this is a concern for every laser cutter on the market, ours was shown in this article since we were holding a Kickstarter campaign at the time and they decided to say a few words about the safety concerns. One error in the article points out that the MDO will catch fire, but the overlay is fire resistive. We have actually tried to burn the stuff and it will just not catch on fire.

There is an image of a laser cutter that caught on fire, a metal machine, with acrylic panels for viewing. The acrylic panels were the culprit in this fire event.