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Purchase Agreement and Conditions

By purchasing any product that is offered by Buildyourcnc.com, you agree to the full responsibility of the assembly, operation and use of the product(s) and you agree to waive our liability for any injury that may be caused as a result the operation of the assembled products, or injury caused during the assembly of the product.

Although these products are sold in a kit form and is delivered unassembled, once assembled, the products are potentially dangerous, especially since they are computer controlled. During the assembly process, tools used for assembly and parts that are delivered may cause injury if care is not taken. Any number of potentially harmful conditions and actions can occur from the use of these products since a computer is controlling a powerful rotary tool that can have unpredictable outcomes. Consider these conditions prior to purchasing any product. If you have already purchased a product and you do not agree to these conditions, please return the product and we will provide a refund of the product less shipping and handling charges.

All domestic purchases are shipped via Priority Mail (USPS) or UPS. International shipments will be shipped via FedEX, DHL or USPS. Shipping charges include the amount for shipping and handling.

All machines purchased prior to 1/1/2012 (grandfathered machines) are eligible for free gcode or dxf files of upgraded components to their machines. Buildyourcnc.com reserves the right to change this policy of "grandfathered machines" and may change from time to time.