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Question #: 1055

Question: Im in the market for a laser cutter with the ability to cut 8'x4' boards (different materials) and up to 5" height. I bought a greenbull 10'x5' a while back from you guys

Current Solution

Here's a link to the blackTooth laser that we sell, https://www.buildyourcnc.com/blackToothLaserCutterAndEngraver.aspx. It will vary depending which materials you are using, but keep in mind on how deep you are cutting since the blackTooth only cuts 1/4" inch(dept) at a time.

Additional Information:
We will be carrying a 8' x 4' laser cutter in the near future. We will also design an attachment for the GreenBull to contain a laser tube at the head of the machine to convert a greenBull into a laser cutter.


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