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Question #: 866

Question: do you offer just the patterns/blueprints for the Blackfoot, whereby I can make my own MDF parts for the unit, while purchasing the electronics hardware etc from you?

Current Solution

I am the fellow who asked the question (#866) I just read your answer to the fellow in South Africa. I am an experienced woodworker with a very well equipped shop, and would not take your valuable time, as I understand your problem regarding the time issue. It's just that I like the aesthetics of the Blackfoot, and would like it made out of phenolic faced Baltic Birch. With your prints, I could do that and by the purchase of all the ancillary products from you, we would both win.
David Clark

Additional Information:
Hi David, Selling these very inexpensive machine kits is our bread and butter and selling, or allowing the design files/prints would undermine this idea, unfortunately. We tried this for a while and found that our sales dropped considerably. For this, and other reasons, we established a policy to keep the design files/prints to be used in-house only.


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