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chipbreaker/finisher end mill up cut double flute
chipbreaker/finisher end mill up cut double flute
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Chipbreaker/Finisher Up Cut 1/2" Cut Diameter, 1/2" Shank Diameter, 1-5/8" Cut Length

If you want very fast cutting speeds and work with natural woods (hard and soft), and you want a great finish at the same time, this is the end mill to use. The end mill appears similar to a roughing (hog) end mill, but doesn't exhibit as many serrations. The geometry will provide a flat surface


This is one of the best end mills for single pass (full depth) cutting at very high speeds. The chip load per tooth for the 1/2" cut diameter end mill is .021 to .023 (hard woods) The IPM for this end mill at 18000 RPM is: IPM = 18000 x 2 x .021 = 756 IPM. Helix angle 30 degrees.

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