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CNC v1.2 Assembly: Stepper Drivers, Motors, and Power
CNC Machine Depreciated Version 1.2
The CNC Machine Version 1.2 Kit is quite an advanced kit to put together. Most kit that you find on the market today use plans and paper instructions to assist in the assembly. Not me... I like the use of videos. My wife even begins the assembly. By showing the assembly through a video process, you will fully understand how to put this machine together. Remember, this is not furniture, it's a machine full of moving parts that require care and attention. Enjoy the videos, and please provide feedback so I can improve the process. Below are videos to guide you step by step through the assembly of your machine. It is a good idea to watch all of the videos first, just in case you see a better way to put the machine together. You will also see various techniques I use later in the video that can be applied in the beginning.