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NEW: CNC Router PLANS Available for all of our Newest CNC Models!! Click here to "Design Your CNC".

If you've never heard of 3DCamp and live in or near Houston, you're missing out. 3DCamp is the place to find everything you've ever wanted to know about 3D software, machines that make 3D things, and getting 3D things from reality to getting them into the computer (scanning, etc.) and just a bunch of 3D knowledge and experts all over. Hop on over to their home page and check out the presentation schedule and all that they will have going on.


A couple of us at BuildYourCNC will be attending the event to show off one of our machines and enjoy the presentations they have to offer. The 3DCamp will be held on Saturday, September 29, 2012.

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Alden G's CNC Machine and Narrative
I have seen many builds based on the step-by-step instructions on this site, but when I see the the DIY community start to mix the ideas of one CNC machine with another, I get really excited. To take a machine and introduce concepts from another machine, like timing belt mechanics, is clever and welcome. Alden also is very creative with where he positions the drivers.
William L's scratch built CNC machine William L's Scratch Built CNC Machine
Here is a scratch built machine (from the plans or book) that exhibits great workmanship, but more importantly, how some of the construction of the CNC machine was done. William L. used sound techniques to make sure the machine would be constructed as intended, knowing that some of the machine would have various size differences within the sub assemblies that would make some of the measurements within the plans not work.
Lucan's CNC Router
I was doing my usual research around the net, you know... to pass some time very late at night, and I came across a member of cnczone.com building one of Joe's CNC machines, and to my surprise, he was using the design from this site. I was very proud to say the least. This CNC router is setup very nicely, with a vacuum attachment and a few other interesting modifications. Lucan has also been cutting out an enormous amount of parts on this machine. He is in real production.