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blackTooth Laser Cutter/Engraver First Cuts/Engravings
Dustan Webb's first run from his blackTooth Laser Cutter and Engraver. The engraving is of his grandmother.blacktooth laser engravingblacktooth laser etching exampleblacktooth example
The feedback is coming in from the first customers that purchased the blackTooth laser cutter and engraver. I will post these first cuts and engravings on this page. If you have a new blackTooth laser system, please send us a video of your machine in action. If you have a tip to share, include that information as well.

To send us a video or image, just send a link to the video, or attach the image(s) in an email. Email Research and Development (Patrick Hood-Daniel) from the contact us page with this information.

blacktooth laser engraving

This is a piece done by Evaristo on his modified blacktooth from ProtoMX in Spring Texas.

blacktooth laser etching example

Another exceptional cut from Evaristo at ProtoMX

laser cut dino on thin cardboard.

This is John F.'s first run showing a bit of engraving and a T-Rex cutout using a thin sheet of cardboard. The T-Rex is really small and the scale can be shown with the penny in context. John put the T-Rex together with tweezers and gel glue.

Large T-Rex cut on the blackTooth Laser cutter in foam.

This is a much larger T-Rex using a foam sheet as the material. The size of this T-Rex can be seen in context with the smaller T-Rex, and the table and chairs. You also get a really good idea how small the other T-Rex is.

This video comes from Dustan Webb, the first to send us a video of his new blackTooth in action. He engraved/burned an image into wood of his grandmother. He intends to produce this image in glass and send it to his grandmother as a gift. To engrave the image using the laser, he uses a program called dotg which takes an image and creates a g-code file to run in the laser control program.

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