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Installing the Spoilboard on the greenLean CNC Machine
greenLean Instructional Image
Here is a tutorial on setting and permanently mounting the Spoilboard on the greenLean 4x8 Vertical CNC Machine. We recommend you use a 2nd person to help you lift and place the board. You should also mount your machine to the wall before permanently attaching the Spoilboard.


This video will provide you with instructions on how to properly set and mount the Spoilboard to your greenLean .

For reference: in the steps below, when referring to the "right side" or "left side" this will mean the right or left side facing the front of the machine.

Safety First: The Spoilboard is long and heavy. We recommend you have a 2nd person assist you when lifting it.

What you will need:

  • A 2nd person to assist you
  • Drill
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Phillips Head Bit
  • Long 1/4" drill bit
  • Short 1/4" drill bit
  • 1/16" drill bit
  • 1/2" Forstner Bit
  • (4) - 1 inch deck screws or drywall screws
  • (14) - 2 x 1/4" bolts
  • (14) - 1/4" nuts
  • (14) - 1/4" washers

Part 1: Initial Setup and Mounting of the Spoilboard

Step 1 With assistance from a 2nd person, set the spoilboard onto the lips and leave it slightly hanging off the last lip on the right side (about 1 foot over). Do not mount the board until you have reviewed the next step.

Step 2 At this point, The 2 Spoilboard Brackets that are on the 2nd rib from the left must be reversed from the left side of the 2nd rib to the right side of the 2nd rib. Use a drill to remove the brackets and a screwdriver to mount them on the right side of the 2nd Rib.

Step 3 After you have mounted the Spoilboard Brackets on the right side of the 2nd rib, move the Spoilboard into position so it is flush with the edge of the machine on the right side.

Step 4 At this point, you will take your (4) 1 inch deck screws and go behind the machine to drill them into the spoilboard. Drill the screws into the center hole on the bracket and into the Spoilboard. Drill the screws through the top and bottom brackets on the last rib on the right, and top and bottom brackets on the 2nd rib on the left (This is why you reversed the brackets in Step 2).

*Note: A 4x8 board reaches from the edge of the machine to the 2nd rib on the left. This is because the size of the Gantry takes up the space between the left edge of the machine and the 2nd rib from the left.

Part 2: Marking the Spoilboard

Step 5 With the Spoilboard now temporarily mounted with the 4 screws, you will change to the long 1/4" drill bit on your drill and go behind the machine and mark each Spoilboard Bracket. You do not need to do this for the brackets that you have already put the deck screws in.

Step 6 Aim the long 1/4" bit into the center hole, and quickly tap the drill just enough to make a mark on the spoilboard. You do not want to go all the way through the Spoilboard at this point. Repeat this step for every unmarked bracket.

Step 7 After marking each bracket, you will now remove the deck screws you used to temporarily mount the Spoilboard. With assistance, remove the screws and take the Spoilboard back down and lay it on a table. Set the Spoilboard down with the side that has the markings facing up.

Part 3: Drilling mounting holes in the Spoilboard

Step 8 Using the 1/16" Bit, drill into the center of the markings to make a hole all the way through the Spoilboard. Repeat for each marking until you have 14 holes. Drill through all 14 markings, even the ones that were previously drilled to hold the deck screws.

Step 9 At this point you will flip the Spoilboard over (With assistance) and you will drill on the opposite side. Switch to the 1/2" Forstner Bit.

Step 10 With the Spoilboard on the opposite side, you will now drill into each of the 14 holes with the 1/2" Forstner bit. This will create a pocket for the bolt head to sit in.

*Note: The Forstner Bit is used instead of a countersink in order to allow the bolt to nestle inside the board instead of being exposed.

Step 11 Drill down into each hole just until the fat part of the Forstner bit is entirely engulfed inside the board. This will create the pocket for the bolt heads to sit in.

Step 12 Switch to the short 1/4" Drill bit. Drill each hole all the way through to create 14 1/4" holes.

Step 13 After drilling each hole with the 1/4" bit, you will now mount the Spoilboard back onto the greenLean.

Part 4: Permanently Mounting the Spoilboard

*Note: We highly recommend attaching your machine to the wall BEFORE permanently mounting the Spoilboard. The bottom brackets will be very difficult to mount to the wall if you mount the Spoilboard first.

Step 14 After placing the Spoilboard back into position (With assistance) you will now mount the board with the 1/4" bolts, along with 1/4" washers and nuts.

Step 15 Place the bolt into the slot from the front, and then go behind the machine and attach a washer and nut onto the bolt threading that is now exposed. Use a crescent wrench (or socket) and screwdriver to fasten all bolts down. We recommend you do not tighten them all the way until you have every bolt in place.

Step 16 From the front of the machine, reach over the top of the Spoilboard and use a screwdriver and wrench (or socket) to firmly attach each bolt from the top. For the bottom, reach underneath the board and repeat the same process until all 14 bolts are properly secured.

Your Spoilboard is now properly secured. We recommend using the Spoilboard as a table and placing your sacrificial board over the Spoilboard. This will eliminate risk of damaging your bit by hitting the bolt heads, and will make it easier to attach a new sacrificial board without having the go through the whole mounting process every time you wish to change your board.

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