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Clint Ws CNC Machine
overall front view of Clint's modified blackToeside view of Clint's modified blackToe cnc machineClose-up of Clint's modified z-axisExample plaque of Texas Rangers from the modified blackToe cnc machineExample closet using the modified blackToe CNC machineFront view of the closet made with the modified blackToe cnc machineSonic sign made with Clint's modified blackToe CNC MachineLarge sonic sign made with the modified blackToe cnc machine
Clint W added a webcam to his blackToe CNC Machine and made some interesting modifications. Ok, so first, I must say, the webcam on the machine is so cool. I have a desire to put a webcam on my machine for monitoring purposes. You never know what will happen while the machine is running by itself. Things like, a piece popping out and getting stuck between the router and the table can happen every now and then. A camera, mounted near or on the machine is always a good idea, especially if you can see the video stream from another computer.

Clint uses the older Version 2.2 modified to his own specs which he is probably going to upgrade to the version 4.1 inthe near future. He has been using the machine to produce signs and furniture for the most part. Check out his great pictures of examples and the machine that he modified from the version 2.2. Also, check out the kind video testimonial (above) produced and given to me as thanks.

Comments from Clint: Made entirely if scrap I've had laying around. Works really well. One issue I have had is it doesn't like to cut aluminum as well as my blacktoe but I think I have a fix for that (I'm going to build a sub gantry which will brace the head closer to the table an alleviate the kickback. The problem is the higher gantry allows for more flex)

This image depicts the choice of material. It appears to be folded galvanized steel.

The z-axis is constructed with what appears to be extruded aluminum. This is a great idea for use with his modified zy plate and large enough to withstand any twisting or flexing. The router mount is made out of what appears to be PTFE.

Well, I think we know that his favorite team is the Texas Rangers. This is a great example of using the machine to carve out from vector composition. There is a huge amount of pocketing here to make the inner circle and side bars extend to protrude above.

The furniture in this image has great carvings on the side and the front. This is quite a large piece.

Here is a better view of the front of the cabinet. Clint did a great job hiding the method of joining.

From Clint: The big sonic sign was for our parade float. I built a front and back 3-1/2 x 7 foot sign with my blacktoe.

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