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Question #: 13477

Question: I have the 2.2 kW spindle and VFD for 110v, just wondering what amperage this draws, as my electricain buddy is telling me I need to put in a 20 amp breaker for this. I cant seem to find any amerpage draw on the INPUT label

Current Solution

You can actually set a current limit in in the VFD using the programming process and the specifications in the manual that came with your VFD. You can expect the spindle at 220 Volts AC to draw (using the standard formula):

For Volts, I will use 230 as the range is generally 220 to 240.

Watts = Current * Volts

Can also be written as:

Current = Watts / Volts

Current = 2.2kW (2200 watts) / 230 volts

Current = 9.6 amps


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