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Question #: 14215

Question: I have the 1.5kW spindle using the 110V vfd which I bought new and has never run correctly for me. The spindle will not accelerate to any reasonable speed before stopping. When it stops, the vfd display reads "E.oA.A". It does not appear to be wiring or settings, I have checked those many times. What else should I look at to troubleshoot this? Is it DOA?

Current Solution

The E.oA.A is an error that the VFD specifies as an overcurrent during ramp up (or acceleration). In other words, the spindle is trying to accelerate to quickly. The spindle cannot handle the inertia during ramp up and it is trying to draw too much current during this process. The best solution that I have researched is to increase the ramp up (acceleration) time, or slow the acceleration. You will need to check which programming setting you need to change, but there will be setting called acceleration time (or ramp up time). Increase this number in small increments until the error goes away. Then, increase it more so there is a safety factor.


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