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Question #: 875

Question: i want to use servo motors(panasonic liqi series) instead of stepper motor,would it work with your breakout board if i buy one from you?

Current Solution

I would need to see the drivers and what type of input it requires.

Additional Information:
actually my neighbour is using panasonic liqi series servo motors, and yes i can show you the connections he made on the driver terminals. he had used a loacal made breakout board, which i dont want to use... the breakout board has 5 terminals, step,direction,vcc,ground,and 12v

Additional Information:
The connections are the same as stepping motor drivers. I would assume that those servo motors have the closed loop control between the motor and driver and the computer is not considered as a part of the closed loop. In that case, the breakout board would work fine.

Additional Information:
i've seen your videos related to the connections of the breakout board to the motor driver,your breakout board dont have 12v terminal as in that local made breakout board.can i provide that extra 12v from another source to the servo motor driver?
i can send you the photos of the driver connections and the breakout board connections?
how can i purchase your breakout board,can you send your parallel port breakout board to my country?
how much would it cost me including shipping?

Additional Information:
What terminals will require the 12v power. If the 12v serves as the data signal level power for step and direction, then it is not possible with this board, but if the 12v serves as power for another part of the driver, then you can use a separate supply.

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