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Greg C's Machine and Example
Greg has produced an excellent CNC machine. This can be seen through the example that he provided me. Greg produced the machine "by the book", as they say. This demonstrates that the book readers are starting to enjoy their machines. This is an exciting time!! I received the pictures of this machine on February 17th, 2009.

The machine was build exactly according to the book. He did mention a few experiences in the build that were less than successful, but he was able to work it out. These CNC machine builds are a great accomplishment and he expressed his excitement after he was able to create the profile seen resting on the machine and shown in the last image.

As most of the CNC machines from the users of this website, they all seem to do a much better job on the wiring than I do. I am quite envious.

The electronics are housed in an interesting structure that conveniently positions the power at the top, easy to access, and the roof of this structure has a fan to cool the drivers below.