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Mike M's Great Examples of Guitar Showcases
Mike m's guitar case made by his blackToe CNC MachineMike M's blackToe CNC Machine showing the computer situated at one end.the table bed of the blackToe CNC Machine with two t-slots along the length of the table.Another of Mike M's guitar casesAnother guitar case made by Mike M using his balckToe CNC router.
CNC Machines are not only used for making the guitars! What about the cases in which they are stored, or showcased? Mike has done an excellent job creating intricate cases with glass fronts. But, you wouldn't put just any guitar in these cases. You would want the prized guitars in these cases. Just look at the detail that Mike put into this work using his blackToe CNC Machine.

Mike is selling these cases for $900-$1000 each. The gold case pictured on the introduction page is housing a Les Paul played by Slash from Guns and Roses and is displayed in New York City. Mike is starting to redo his entire offering with new designs and is also in the process of carving out guitar bodies and necks with the machine.

Mike has also made sensible use of the CNC machine's surroundings. The computer case is held at the end of the machine and the keyboard, monitor and mouse is conveniently positioned for controlling the machine. Storage occurs underneath and is shown to be a very popular use.

To make these cases, Mike has invested in Cut 3D from the Vectric's line of Software, but surprisingly, he also uses Google SketchUp. Mike simply saves his drawings, made in SketchUP in .dxf format, using a free plug-in that allows this export. He takes this .dxf file and inports it into Cut 3D, and continues his machine operations.

Since his designs contain many curves, he uses a 1/4" end mill with a ball end. This tool allows him to speed up the process of cutting these intricate shapes.

Enjoy the remaining images of his work.

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