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Step 6: Y-Axis Assembled
This tutorial is dated, if you are considering a CNC for your personal use, we would highly recommend purchasing a kit that is very stable from our wide range of machines available. The y-axis will now be assembled. Remember Step 2? Well... this video is all over it! It's all about making the connections. I can't tell you how simple this CNC structure is. The complications come later, don't worry. The real challenge to this structure is trying to get the cut straight, and the holes aligned correctly. Remember, we can cut loose holes to re-align, so it's all good!

I will have two videos here. The following video got a bit too long, even through the editing process. The first contains mainly the connections to assemble the right angles. The second video just finishes up and get's the y-axis rolling... or sliding.

Similar to the z-axis wrapped around the vertical rail, the y-axis hugs the rail of the gantry that rides above the cutting surface. First, the length for the back support and the z-axis rail support needs to be determined. This can be achieved by assembling the two linear bearings, with the bearing supports around the y-axis rail support. Clamp these down and measure. Make sure that the two bearing supports are as parallel as possible to get the most accurate measurement. Take that measurement and subtract about 1/32" to provide for tightening. Cut the back support and z-axis rail support to the lengths determined and then assemble with the step learned previously in step 2 - making the connections

The next action is to cut the rails to the correct length and then assemble the z-axis to the y-assembly. Watch it slide. It's a sight to be seen and a ton of relief here! These linear slide bearings are so forgiving.