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Question #: 10092

Question: I am interested in buying the 2.2 kW spindle. Does it run much quieter than a 2 hp Porter Cable router? You also mention a pump with a bucket of water. How long until the water is too warm to cool the spindle?

Current Solution

The 2.2kW Spindle has many advantages over a standard router such as the Porter Cable. The most obvious benefit to the user is the significant reduction of both dust and noise.

Additional Information:

Additional Information:
What size water source is needed and how long can it be used before it is too warm? Do you have a pressure vs. flow curve for the spindle so I can properly size the water pump?

Additional Information:
I used a small pond pump inside a 5 gallon bucket. I put a little bit of windshield washer fluid in with it to keep anything from growing in it. It's worked great. I've had 1 hour run times with no noticeable increase in spindle temp.


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