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Question #: 1022

Question: What is the Greenbull average power consumption in conjunction with 2.2KW spindle?

Current Solution

You can determine you overall CNC machine current consumption be adding your spindle power plus your CNC motion power and the power that your computer requires.

the formula to understand the current of each component is watts = volts x current, or W = V * I, or with some algebra, Current (I) = Watts (W) / Volts (V)

For example:

The 2.2 kW = 2200 watts and you can find the current by taking the input voltage of 220 volt and get the current using the above formula: 2200 W / 220 V = 10 A (Amps)

CNC motion electronics:
The power supply that comes with our machines is generally 8.8 A

The computer that you use to control the CNC machine will have a specific wattage. Let's say the watts is 500: 500 W / 110 V = 4.5 A

Add them up: 10 A + 8.8 A + 4.5 A = 23.3 Amps


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