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Question #: 14025

Question: Mini Breadboard 17x10 with a self adhesive on the back. Blue color. Measures 1.365 inches x 1.8 inches with a thickness of .375 inches. Don't see the page to order.

Current Solution

That product page for the mini breadboards can be found on our sister site: newbiehack.com. Here is the link: https://www.newbiehack.com/categories/newbiehack-prototyping-breadboard-mini-breadboard-17x100-blue

Additional Information:
I'm curious, how did you get to the buildyourcnc.com site for that product? Was it a google search. I would like to know so I can modify the description so the product can be found more successfully. Thanks.

Additional Information:
Was looking for answers on how to invert signals for opposing steppers Seen your solutions bought the hex inverter and breakout board from newbiehack


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