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Question #: 14121

Question: I have a Chinese 40w laser that I was advised to get a pokeys57cnc for which I did. I didn’t realise that I would need stepper drivers for so was wondering which you would recommend as well as which stepper motors as I may as well replace those as well. Any advice is gratefully received, thanks

Current Solution

Are you connecting this spindle and pokeys57cnc controller to a CNC? or are you simply wanting to control a spindle by itself?

Additional Information:
Sorry, I thought that my question made it clear that it is for a Chinese 40W laser and I am replacing the original board in it with the 57cnc and I’m told that I need to buy stepper drivers and probably the stepper motors as well and I was asking which drivers and motors would be most suitable for me to buy to go with my already purchased from here 57cnc board

Additional Information:
Ps, I intend to use Auggie from Gearotics to drive the laser


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