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Question #: 14356

Question: parallel break out board is not working-relay keeps switching my computer off when I power up

Current Solution

Do you have anything connected to the relay?

Additional Information:
is the relay controlled by a pinout on the BoB?

Additional Information:
Nothing is attached to the relay pins I am only using 2 and 3 and 5v for x driver and led indicator, 4 and 5 and 5v for y driver and led indicator, and 6 to fire the laser and the led indicator. I am also using a 5v out for the laser power control circuit and one pin of the 5k pot. Ground is shared on the laser power supply, the cnc power supply and the x and y driver. I am using the computer motherboard supplied by Buildyoucnc running ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS and linuxcnc. Bios is set to use ECP, I have tried normal and I have tried EPP, all with the same results. If I plug in the parallel after the computer starts up it doesn't switch but I can't control either axis motors

Additional Information:
Laser is currently not connected for safety reasons

Additional Information:
I am using the parallel BoB for the 40 watt C02 Laser Cutter and Engraver(blacktooth), with the supplied integrated computer running Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS and linuxcnc. Right now, when I have the parallel header connected to the BoB(as well as usb power supplied by the computer) and I start the computer, I am able to see the first splash screen of text indicating that the computer is starting up, then the relay on the BoB switches, turning the computer off and then back on again. This happens over and over again and the computer cannot fully start into the linux os. If I unplug the parallel cable from the BoB, I can start the computer, sign in and then plug the BoB back in without it shutting down the computer. Can anyone explain why this happens? I should also say that I cannot talk to the steppers in stepconfig of linuxcnc, I get to the test this motor section and nothing happens when I try to jog either the x or y motors. In the y config, I actually triggered the relay and sent the machine back into the start up failure loop I mentioned in the beginning.

Additional Information:
Fixed this problem, the parallel cable was not seated well, found some screws to make a strong connection, now that part is working. Unfortunately, the stepconfig in linuxcnc is still not talking to the motor drivers and the setup for determining steps for inch in the build instructions is nothing like the set up in linuxcnc. In the instructions it says motor steps per revolution*microsteps/pulley pitch per tooth*number of teeth and in this case the recommended input would be (200*16)/.08*20 teeth = 2000 steps per inch the formula in linuxcnc is very different


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