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Question #: 14481

Question: I purchased the large gantry system with USB control. I have built the CNC and it is working fine. Now fine tuning the motors. On the X-axis I have the Velocity set at 60 (inches), Acceleration at 1.4, the Step Pulse 1-5us and Dir Pulse set at 0. Do I need to adjust the pulses?

Current Solution

The steps per unit is automatically determined in the calibration of the axis by clicking on the "set steps per unit" button above the reset button on the settings tab. Initially set the velocity and acceleration to a low setting, like 100 and 10 respectively, so that the axis does not stall during this operation. Once calibrated, the steps per unit will be set to the correct value and the velocity and acceleration can be increased. I have a video explaning the tuning of the motors on this page:

The name of the video is Test and Tune the motors.


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