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Question #: 14626

Question: Building the 2'x4' CNC from the Woodsmith plans and want to use a router with 1/2" collet. Will your stepper motor kit with 2 NEMA-23 and 1 NEMA-34 be sufficient for a Bosch 1617 router motor, or will it be too heavy?

Current Solution

You will be fine with using 2 NEMA 23/24 (425 oz-in) and 1 NEMA 34 (651 oz-in) motors with the Woodsmith CNC build with a large heavy router with a 1/2" collet. Specifically, the Woodsmith CNC build uses lead screws for each axis and this will provide mechanical advantage allowing the motors along with the drive mechanics (lead screws) an increase in torque.


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