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Question #: 4728

Question: From your assembly instructions, it appears your table top is 3/4 thick. I planned to use a thicker table at 1 1/2 thick. I realize I will need longer bolts to attach the x-axis guide rails, but will the y-z gantry adjust for a table that thick? I am building a BlackFoot.

Current Solution

I apologize but the gantry legs will only be able to accommodate 3/4" thick table top (gantry sides to be specific(https://buildyourcnc.com/blackFoot48v40.aspx#prettyPhoto/28/)).This is due to the available adjust ability on the gantry legs between the v-groove bearings that ride on the top X-axis rails, and the ones that tighten on the lower rails.

The Y-axis (width of the table) will have no problem with the table top being thicker, but the X-axis rail screws and gantry legs will not accommodate the 1"- 1/2" table top.


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