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Question #: 6906

Question: Planning to Buy Greenbull or Blackfoot 4'x 8' Long "Z" Axis. My questions are: what is the hight between the table and the Gantry ? what maximun Z can useful engraving? if I instal a rotating 4 Axle. what maximun diameter can be useful.

Current Solution

Only our greenBull CNC machines will be able to use the long Z-axis, due to structural construction of the greenBull over the blackFoot.
The height from the table top to the bottom of the gantry is: 4.25"

Both the maximum cutting height and diameter, will be dependent on the specific end mill/router bit you plan on using, since they can vary in length.
The maximum cutting height (useful to engrave or cut material)is: with spoil-board 3.875", without a spoil-board is 4.625"
The maximum diameter will (estimated) is: 3"

Specifically dealing with our greenBull long Z-axis CNC machines, depending on how you specifically design the table you can have more cutting height and a larger diameter clearance. If you only create a frame for the machine with a hollow center(adjustable midsection), allowing you to have a greater clearance.
Similar table image here: (https://buildyourcnc.com/Item/cnc-machine-greenBull-v4-6X#prettyPhoto/5/)


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