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Question #: 6816

Question: I am putting together the Blackfoot and I am using a porter cable router. I am confused on how to relay the routetr with the USB board. is there another relay switch that goes between the USB board and the router so that planet CNC can turn the router and perhaps the vacuum on and off?

Current Solution

We are currently working on a relay board that will connect to USB breakout board, and the router/spindle for both the on/off function. Unfortunately we still do not have it completed or ready to be placed on our website, but it is in the final stages of testing. Please check back regularly for updated stock!

Here is a link to a tutorial for a DIY relay circuit:

There is no vacuum control on the Planet-CNC program, however you could use the same concept of the router/spindle on/off using the relay circuit. Although you will have to use either the flood or mist function for the vacuum.


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