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Question #: 3546

Question: I wpold like to know how to hook up my water pump (12vdc 9 amp) to turn it on and off using Mach 3. I have your Blue Brew break-out board Rev. 2.8 dated 8-12. Explain how the three relay connections work for this application? Thanks.

Current Solution

Since the pump will use a standard 12v power supply, you will have two wires. One of those wires will be connected from the power supply to the pump. The other wire will be connected to the power supply and the pump, but cut that wire and connect one side of it in the P terminal and the other end in the S or the O terminal depending on if you need the connection as NO (Normally Open) or NC (Normally Closed).

Step number 9 in the instruction will have the relay connection information:


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