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Question #: 14035

Question: Hey Guys, I have a brand new redleaf and 5x. In the final stages of wiring and wondering a few things. Can I connect the Mach3 USB board V+ V- to my frequency inverter (type YL600-2s-2k20)? If so where? Will your upcoming (part 2)video deal with this as well as final connections for limit switches and stop button? Merry Christmas!

Current Solution

Yes, the Mach3 USB board has two terminals that require 24V connection. Most VFDs have a 24V output that can be used to power this part of the Mach3 USB board.

The V+ and V- on the Mach3 USB is not absolutely necessary to operate the CNC machine/router. The V+ and V- of the Mach3 USB board powers the outputs, inputs, and spindle's speed and control.

Here is the Mach3 USB link for more information:

The new YL600 VFD we have in stock may not have this 24V output. There is a 12V terminal, but I have not tested that terminal if it outputs 12V, or if it is a 12V input. If you are only conecting limit switches to the Mach3 USB and need to power that portion, 12V will be sufficient.

I will delve into these aspects in far more detail on video.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to you as well!


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