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Question #: 1092

Question: I am building a wet plasma table for my shop that is 8'x 16'. I will need hardware and software. Please heko me wuth the list, My phone is 9124273734. I would like to talk with someone if possible. Thanks, Rus

Current Solution

If you purchase the greenLean, you will get everything you need except a router, computer to operate the machine, and software to control the machine. You state that you have a computer. You can use this computer, but you will need to determine if it has a parallel port, or if you are going to need the USB controller option. As for the software, there are too many different options for you to choose from. We would not be able to tell you which to get, and how much it will cost you. This is a matter of preference. I can tell you, however, that you will need 3 types of software to complete a CNC project. You will need CAD software to design your design, CAM software to add tool paths and convert the design to g-code, and then control software to take the g-code and operate the machine.

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