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Question #: 13782

Question: I have the 2.2KW VFD. I would like to have it controlled through software. What are the Mode parameters that need to be changed that will allow FWD/ REV, START/STOP and RPM control?

Current Solution

What controller are you using to control the cnc machine (Mach3 usb, parallel breakout board, etc.)?

The spindle VFD has an input for 0-10 volts to control the speed and can be used with the MAch3 USB or the Pokeys57CNC board. There are also other terminals in the VFD to control the forwared/reverse and start and stop. Mach3 has parameters to control these output and you need to specify which pins are used for these.

You can also use the TX/RX RS-485 connection on the VFD to have total control using an FTDI USB to serial connector board to connect the computer directly to the VFD.

How to connect the USB to Serial adapter to the VFD:

FTDI USB to Serial:

Pokeys57CNC board:

Mach3 USB board:

Parallel Breakout board:

Additional Information:
I do apologize for leaving out the parts list.
Leadshine MX4660 4-Axis Digital Stepper Motor Driver
Ethernet SmoothStepper
YL600-2S-2K20 VFD
4 Relay control board
Has anyone had any success getting Mach3 to control the spindle speed and direction?


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