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Question #: 3595

Question: I am loking for a kit that can cut 4x8 material and would be ready to cut when assembled. plus what computer and software are needed to be ready to cut?

Current Solution

The greenLean machine comes with the entire structure and features a 4'x8' cutting area. You will still need some hookup wire to connect the electronics and silicone tubing for the water to and from the spindle.

greenLean Machine: https://buildyourcnc.com/item/cnc-machine-greenLean-v1

Thanks for answering my last question. So I have two follow-up questions from the response. The green leaf stands vertical is it designed for the material to be cut without falling free once it is cut through? And second question: you metioned water running to the spindle is this a cooling system for the spindle?

You would use holding tabs to keep the parts from falling out of the cut areas. Holding tabs are generated as part of the CAM file. Yes, this is the way the spindle is cooled. This is far superior to air cooling. Air cooling will blow the chips all over the shop.


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