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Question #: 9028

Question: sorry, this is what i meant to say: OK, so if I use the USB version then I would find the rotary/linear axis definitions in the planet cnc control software somewhere. I will be needing to change axis type often for various projects that is why I am asking.

Current Solution

You can download a trial version of PlanetCNC software from their site at http://www.planet-cnc.com/index.php?page=software to see how you like the interface. If you look at their main GUI screen, along the left side you will see 4 boxes labeled X,Y,Z and A. These represent the axes the software is equipped to control. (A being Axial, or rotational motion) Typically a separate motor and driver is used to control each axis. If you plan to switch axes you will need to connect and disconnect the outputs from your software to the drivers.


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