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Question #: 2376

Question: I want to purchase some items from your co. How do i go about it. I already have the buildyourcnc book and wand to begin.

Current Solution

For purchasing on our website, our account log in is a safe way to keep your personal data at hand for future orders. However we do not keep any bank information in our systems, it is a single use system.

Now dealing with the cnc book, you can view our web version of the book with a list of materials and hardware that will be needed here (https://www.buildyourcnc.com/cnckitintro.aspx).

Adding the items to your cart in the quantity's needed, now for certain items for example, or ACME screws, and aluminum angles will require a total length needed, but the specific lengths required will have to be email here (customerservice@buildyourcnc.com) or called here (281-815-7701) with the completion of your order.


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