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Question #: 5739

Question: I have an engine NEMA 34 from Y axis on my green bull that do not response, I already check connections and everything seems to be OK, how can I check that the motor it's working properly or not?

Current Solution

If one or more motor is not responding, please follow the troubleshooting directions below:

For parallel Bob only! Make sure both the parallel and USB are connected.

Re-check wiring, and connections for continuity (no breaks in the wires) and check for correct wiring locations from driver to BoB.
Check dip switch settings on the driver.
Check components, by swapping the motors (ex. y-axis motor to z or x-axis driver and z or x-axis motor to y-axis driver) to check if motor functions on another driver.
Depending on software check step low active (mach 3) or invert pulse (planet-cnc) for the axis which is not responding.
Mach 3 - config/port & pins/motor outputs / Planet-CNC - file/settings/axes


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