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Question #: 3588

Question: I cant find a list or description of what the kits actually contain.. Pictures would be nice befor I spend 2 grand "The BlackTooth will be provided in kit form" is a bit limited.. Thank you

Current Solution

For all of our kits, it is highly recommended that the instructions are completed read. This will determine if the customer has the ability to take on a project of this complexity.

Depending on the specific blackTooth option purchased, the kits include the following (if the parts is listed in the instructions, it is included in the kit unless otherwise specified within the price option):

- Structural components: Plexiglas panels and MDO structural parts that form the overall machine.
- All of the hardware necessary to assembly the structural components and to fasten the electronics and laser components.
- The electronic components to move and power the machine including power supplies, motors, drivers, interface and computer components if that option was purchased.
- Laser components including laser tube, mirrors, lens, nozzle, air pump and mounts.
- Mechanical components including drive pulleys, bearings, rails, and timing belts.


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