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Question #: 6813

Question: I am building a machine and don't know which steppers to use. Machine specs are: plywood frame, SBR25 rails, 96"X48" work area, rack and pinion for X and Y axis (2 motors with 2 racks for X axis), about 3:1 reduction ratio with belt drive. I plan to work on wood, acrylics and aluminum. Thank you!

Current Solution

We would recommend using the heavy gantry electronics combo, using 2 - 425 oz-in motors(NEMA 24) and 1 651 oz-in motor(NEMA 34), with a additional 651 oz-in motor/6.0 amp driver for the x-axis, and that will leave the two NEMA 24 motors for your y/z-axes. The larger motors will be beneficial for the x-axis for the dual motor control and increased torque.


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