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Question #: 7959

Question: Can I wire in a 5vdc relay board to the spindle relay for my router. Gnd would be negative and the arrow would be positive right?

Current Solution

Yes, a 5v relay board can be connected to a spindle. Relays generally have terminals labeled S, O and P and you will want to pass one of your main wires "through" the P and S terminals or the P and O terminals depending if you want normally closed or normally open function.

Refer to Step #8 on this page to get the full instructions on how to use a relay to control the spindle or router.


User response:
I have the USB board. I was thinking of wiring a 5v relay board to the breakout board labeled (spindle) using the GND and (arrow) which i think is 5vdc. I will need this relay board to operate my router. Thanks

Buildyourcnc response:
Yes, those terminals are to control the relay (engage the relay). On the switch part of the relay, the router main poser wire (say, the live, black, wire) would pass through this switch portion of the relay.


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