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Question #: 7960

Question: Going to purchase a new laptop computer. Question. What is the minimal requirement for laptops running cnc planet software and other softwares that are needed?

Current Solution

Your purchase of a laptop will depend on what CNC software and CNC interface you will be using. In most cases, CNC interfaces use a parallel port, or the interface will convert USB instructions into a form of parallel I/O pins. We provide both types of interfaces, but you will be required to use specific software packages compatible with the interface. The USB interface that we sell at the moment is only compatible with Planet-CNC software (which is very good software), and if the computer has a parallel port, you will have your choice of many software titles including (but not limited to) Mach3 and LinuxCNC.

The hardware and processing performance is not as important. Computers with relatively slow processors (i.e. Pentium) can control a CNC machine and achieve good performance.

If you intend using CAD and CAM on that computer, then you will want a more modern computer that will have a good amount of memory and processing power. You will need to refer to the software requirements for the minimum specifications.


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